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The Tasmanian Superkart Club

About "Silky Performance"

Evan Lyons

DOB: 27/11/59

Height: 183cm

Weight: 85kg

I originally started out in karting in "Clubman Heavy" class sprintkarts. Getting sick of the crash and bash in "Clubman Fat" I moved in to 100cc Reed class for a few years. Unfortunately, due to my size(6ft) and weight (88kg) I was not very successful in Reed, so I moved to 135 Supers with a brand new Techno chrome-moly 135 chassis, but this 135cc class ended up being deleted by the powers that be at the time, so, disillusioned to the max with the whole sprintkarting thing, that kart was mothballed. 

I had been getting interested in superkarts for quite a while and eventually constructed my first kart. It was an old Avanti clubman twin frame with an air cooled Suzuki RM125! The air cooled motor soon went in favour of a water cooled RM125 and this combination served me well for a couple of seasons but the bug had bitten and I found a '92 model Honda RS125 GP bike engine to play with! The old Avanti chassis was not really up to the job with the new motor fitted so I dug out the Techno 135 chassis I had earlier mothballed and the "SILKY HEN" (don't ask, its an "in" joke) was born.

Turn 4 at Baskerville  

The "Silky Hen"

The "Silky Rooster" Eastern Creek

evan125.jpg (24279 bytes)

125 RS Honda.jpg (37352 bytes)

The "Silky Rooster"

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This kart was built very lightweight and it was fearsomely quick for a 125 superkart on a tight layout like Baskerville and it regularly hosed off the 250 IC/E's at Baskerville, even with my size and weight! The kart was only run a handful of times before the opportunity to get into a 250cc International (F/E) at the right price came along and has now been replaced by a Zip Eagle with a '92 model Honda RS250 V-twin. I must admit that this new thing is a real hand full but is a heap of fun at the same time. I have done a best time around Baskerville of 51.16 making me the fastest Tasmanian around Baskerville in a superkart! 

I still have that 125 and I regularly race that thing at Baskerville as due to the rough nature of Baskerville, the big twin is just too much of a handful and spends a good percentage of its time trying to spit me into the mulga if I don't watch out!

More recently, I have moved into Formula Vee racing due to the fact that there is precious little superkart racing down here in Tasmania now. I started in an old Historic 1969 Elfin Formula Vee and now a Kestrel KC3-1 F-Vee.

Kestrel KC-3 at Baskerville Raceway 2008

The Australian Superkarting website originally began as a simple homepage that just grew and kept growing.

Previous to building the site, I had absolutely no experience in I.T. or in fact, had ever really sat behind a computer other than to play patience and other card games!

A nasty work injury and subsequent surgery had forced me to spent many boring hours doing very little at home and a mate of mine, feeling sorry for me, loaned me an old laptop and I got internet access and my very steep I.T. learning curve began.

My friend next door had been building websites for quite some time and I thought I'd give it a bit of a tilt and my first site attempt made it onto the web in late 2000. The site became the mouthpiece for the Tasmanian Superkart Club and after some time I decided to expand the site to include pages dedicated to superkart info from all states in Australia. Over time, the site has grown to its present size and has really grown a life of its own now.

My next website will be dedicated to Formula Vee racing in Tasmania and should appear in the not too distant future.

Evan Lyons

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