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100cc No Gearbox
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100cc No Gearbox
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100 cc No Gearbox Karts originally made their way to long circuit racing straight off the shorter sprintkart tracks and are almost identical to the hugely popular 100cc Clubman class sprintkart. They are fitted with the venerable Yamaha KT 100 S model engine only.

A trip to a race circuit to witness the long drafting trains and almost constant position swapping of these little screamers is a must!

They are not quite as quick or as technically complicated as 80cc Gearbox karts which makes them an attractive entry level long circuit kart. 

A 100cc Clubman class sprintkart only requires the fitting of a centrifugal clutch to compete on the long circuits. The class rules are rigidly controlled and kept reasonably in line with the A.K.A (Australian Karting Association) sprintkart class rules for Clubman class racing.



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