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125cc Rotax Max
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125cc Rotax Max
125cc Gearbox
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Rotax Max 125cc are a relatively new class of non-gearbox kart recently added as a superkart category and possible replacement for the ageing Yamaha KT 100 S.


These karts are based on the same chassis as 100cc NGB but fitted with the reliable watercooled Rotax Max 125cc non-gearbox kart engine.

They are becoming very popular at all levels of competition due to their inherent reliability and perfromance advantage over the ageing 100cc Yamaha non-gearbox engines.

These trick little water-cooled engines produce around 30 BHP and come from the factory with an exhaust expansion chamber/silencer, carby, centrifugal clutch, radiator and electric starter! This last item should find major favour with most competitors as there is nothing more annoying than spinning off the black stuff and end up with a dead engine. The smaller categories such as 80cc and perhaps 125cc can be push started by the driver but if you stall a 250cc superkart it usually means a trip back to the pits on the back of the dead kart retrieval wagon!

No modifications are allowed to the engines and restrictions placed on the style of kart chassis ensure these karts can be packe up and raced the next weekend at the local sprintkart tracks, minus their road-race nosecones, with no other changes or modifications.

This category is certainly the most flexible, and best value for money category in superkarting today and well deserves it's ever growing popularity!



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