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250cc IC/E
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Powered predominantly by single cylinder 250cc Moto-X motorcycle sourced engines, IC/E class karts, or "Singles" as they are otherwise known, are capable of speeds in excess of 220 kph! These are a really "hairy chested" variety of superkart and they probably suit the driver with a higher degree of driving ability.250cc National Superkart

  Fully floating brake disc rotors, multi-piston brake callipers, rack & pinion steering boxes, carbon fibre fairing panels and real time data logging gadgets are just a few of the high-tech goodies appearing on front running 250cc IC/E's!

All engine modifications are allowed and the class has very few technical regulations other than minimum combined kart/driver weight and some safety and dimensional regulations. 

A leather race suit is a requirement to compete in 250cc superkarts.

250cc ICE class karts are capable of speeds in excess of 220 kph and a significant degree of driver and technical ability is required to extract the very best out of these machines. This makes them probably less than ideal as a beginners superkart. But, having said that, quite a few drivers have started their superkart careers in 250cc ICE's  and been very successful!

The karts are fairly large and heavy with all their added wings, fairings and other goodies and they do demand significant on-going maintenance to ensure reliability and to get the very best out of them, but reasonable second-hand karts can be had for around $5000, and even less for an older, lower tech machine. 

Some of these older machines run day in and day out for a modest outlay of time and money and provide an enormous amount of enjoyment to their owners. This proves that enjoying reliable superkarting and blowing astronomical amounts of money are not necessarily related

250cc IC/E's can be identified by Black numbers on a white background.



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