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80cc Gearbox
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80cc Gearbox
100cc No Gearbox
125cc Rotax Max
125cc Gearbox
250cc IC/E
250cc F/E
80 cc superkarts are often seen as beginner or entry level superkarts probably due to their lower cost and apparent relative simplicity compared to the bigger classes, but this is not an accurate view of this class as many experienced drivers prefer to compete in this small capacity category.

Usually based on a sprintkart chassis, these karts are fitted with 6 speed single cylinder 80cc engines of usually Japanese motocross bike origin.

Some chassis manufacturers do produce a specific superkart chassis for this class, but these are rare and usually quite expensive. Due to light weight, lower power and somewhat lower speed, large wings are not usually seen unlike the bigger and faster classes. Also, front brakes are not absolutely necessary in this class.

Top speeds in better karts approaching 160 kph and very little difference in engine horsepower between different brands ensures close and exciting racing.

Identified by white racing numbers on a black background



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