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OK so what is

We love motorsports, specifically Superkarts :-)

We want to see our sport flourish. The best way is to ensure this is to promote a steady supply of vehicles and equipment to people wishing to either enter or upgrade in the sport.

Its hard to find the right vehicle and gear that is presented in a consistent way with all the necessary information. Who wants to travel long distances to veiw a vehicle that is just not what you were looking for.

We realise that many vehicles spend their retirement gathering dust at the back of a shed or barn. Some are looking for some TLC, some have been parked after their last race, and others are plainly basket cases.

Well it time to dust them off and advertise, and this is the best part "FOR NO COST". Yep, no hidden traps. this is a free service.

  •  We won't email you advertising material
  •  We won't pass on your details to marketing companies
  •  We won't interfere in your sales negotiations. You do the negotiations directly as per your posted contact details


All clubs are welcome to use RaceSell and link to the address below.

If you have any ideas or suggestions please email us at :

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