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Here is a selection of images that I particularly like!

How often does your computer piss you off? Here are some handy software tools and stuff designed to help you get through your computering day!

wpe1.jpg (12320 bytes) wpe3.gif (21275 bytes) wpe5.jpg (8402 bytes) wpe7.jpg (22878 bytes) wpeB.jpg (11601 bytes) wpeD.jpg (22303 bytes) wpeF.jpg (35579 bytes)

This is a particularly cruel image that had me pissing myself laughing for hours.

A Classic!!

Don't Tell Them!

tombstone.jpg (16381 bytes)

Marriage In The Wild


WildMarriage.jpg (21494 bytes)

Planecrash.jpg (97922 bytes)

This image proves that there are marriages in the animal kingdom!

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ISP control room Card Stand My baby photo Big Momma Iron man

Ever wondered what goes on at your I.S.P.

HALLMARK.gif (72462 bytes) This is my first picture taken standin up! live07.jpg (33145 bytes) This guy is a tough one!

More silly pix further down the page

More Very Silly Pictures

Temper Divorce Two Very Tough Guys Cocksuckers Don't Park Here

babyfist.jpg (21656 bytes)

Divorce.jpg (20412 bytes) tugofwar.jpg (65120 bytes) Cocksuckers.jpg (92403 bytes) noparking.jpg (37218 bytes)

Helmet_1.jpg (156333 bytes)

This is a very clever mouse!

Still More Very Silly Pix

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Do I feel nervous

Inspiration needed here!

deathwishdog.jpg (36570 bytes)

inspiration.jpg (84061 bytes)

The last ones!!

They speak for themselves!

New tax form

Death by Viagra

Death by viagra.jpg (27202 bytes)

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