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Mallala Motorsport Park - South Australia

September 20th & 21st  2003

Important Note. Please get your expressions of interest in as soon as possible to: 

Competition Secretary

South Australian Superkart Club

P.O. Box 202 Kent Town

South Australia



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Images courtesy of Mallala Motorsport Park

The Nationals are looming and planning is going well here!

Friday 19th - Private practice. Cost will be $70.00 payable to the track, not the club.
Saturday 20th - 3 x practice, 2 x Qualifying.
Sunday 21st - 1 x warm-up, 3 x 7, 1 x 10.

Would you all be kind enough to arrange for the appropriate person in your clubs to put together up-to-date mailing lists of your racing
members, and any others who should get Supplementary Regulations and entry forms sent by snail mail.  Please ensure you include all those
new members that are not on the lists you sent last time!  We will send everything as soon as we get the permit number from CAMS!

Definite possibility of an oil company coming on board as a major sponsor of the event. Stay tuned!

The presentation dinner will be held in a big marquee onsite and catering plans are well in hand.

There have been some fine tuning and minor adjustments of the Supp Reg.s so as soon as a copy of the supp. regs are available they will be posted.

Would all clubs please send to the S.A Superkart Club an updated list of competitors for the purpose of snail mailing entries and regs and stuff. 

All travel and accommodation details will be mailed to you with the supp regs.

Please Note that current Fuel Log Books will be required for AVGAS fuel at the track

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