2004 Australian National Superkart Championships

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This report by Bob Roberts and courtesy of the Queensland Superkart Club

The weather was typical Phillip Island (PI) with rain on arrival on Friday and the ever-present wind. Saturday saw breaks in the weather enough for most classes to do practice and do qualifying as well as 1 heat on a dry track.

Sunday was a little different in that the first heat had all racers trying to decide what tyres to put on and that created some tricky moments for some on slicks in the rain that bucketed down after the first lap and continued to the end of the heat. It was my first run in the wet and if the race was allowed to go full distance I would have notched up a second, however, had to settle for third right on Darren Dunnís rear going down the straight. It is worth noting at this time that Sam Zavaglia went out on slicks and still managed to finish the race first, a commendable effort.

The 3rd heat saw me go into Honda too hot and over shoot. However, got back on track only to drop a chain on the back straight on the last lap creating a dnf. As we all know, in Nats if you have a dnf you are out of the running.

The 4th heat saw me come in 3rd and the final (8 laps) I gained 5th. Bloody long way for an old fella.

Overall the meeting was run very successfully with no major incidents occurring on the track. Oh that is for Steve Cloakes demonstration of negotiating the main straight backwards and not hitting the wall. Nice skid marks however, Steve was reluctant to take his leathers off at the presentation.

It was a typical Stockman domination again bringing up Brian Stockmans 8th National title and Sams first in the 125 gearbox class giving his a total of two National titles. However, it needs to be said that the 250 International would not have been such a one horse race is the likes of Warren Mcillveen had his kart available and Sams also. Both karts are still steaming back from the USA.

Finally it was rather obvious that some ill feeling was evident from interstate runners as the fields were considerably light to say the least. If it were not for some very keen Vic members bringing non-competitive 125gb out of retirement to make up the numbers and giving 80gb drivers a go at 125gb racing that class would not have had sufficient numbers also.

To me it was a very poor showing from all states and that it would have been better if their energies and support were channelled into having maximum participation at all National meeting as next year it will be televised as part of the Premier Series 2005. To Race at PI and Eastern Creek is an experience all competitors should have. They are the fastest and most challenging tracks for us in Oz. It not only broadens ones experience in driving but also in kart preparation and maintenance. The other aspect of attending Nationals is the camaraderie displayed at all levels irrespective of driver/team rating. So hopefully we will see some interstate racers coming out of their comfort zone and take on the challenges these two circuits present.

Finally I would like to thank the organisers, Phillip Island Auto Racing Club (PIARC), Officials and Victoria Superkarting club and all participants who attended. Due to contractual arrangements we could not get into the circuit and acquire garages until Saturday morning but everything eventually worked out and racing commenced on time. Including overcoming the water hazard in the access tunnel.

I for one will be attending both events next year that go to make up the 2005 Nationals. Hope to see you there.

"Big Bad" Bob Roberts
FITH Racing


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This just in regarding the "on again - off again" Australian national Superkart Championships

It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce hot off the press that the 2004 Superkart National Championship will be conducted at Phillip Island on the weekend of November 13th & 14th.
This event has come to fruition after a lot of lobbying by Graeme Williams and my self with the help of Peter Nelson & Warren Reid of PIARC to get a reduced permit fee and work out the logistics of fitting the required program in with the normal PIARC sprint series round.
Please yell this new from the highest vantage points and get your people excited about coming.  Regs and entry forms will be on your doorsteps as soon as we can get them out but we do need good numbers to make this work.  Also don't forget that it could be the last stand alone one weekend Nationals that Superkarting have.
Look forward to seeing all Superkarter's at this event
David Bellenger
NSKC Victorian Delegate.
Click Here to download Supplementary regulations and entry forms (.pdf document)

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2004 Australian National Superkart Championships


Sadly, it appears at this stage that the superkart nationals will not be taking place.

Originally NSW was to host the nationals but due to ever dwindling expressions of interest and ever increasing hikes in running costs for the event, the decision was made by the NSW executive not to take the financial risk and to abandon the nationals in NSW for 2004.

South Australia put their hand up as an alternative but sadly they have also had to abandon attemps to hold the nationals as their proposal to ammend the regulations for the event along with a dismal return of expressions of interest (14) has put paid to any attemp by them to hold the event.

South Australia will be running the 2004 40th Anniversary Superkart G.P. instead.

This leaves Victoria as a possible option to hold the event again at Phillip Is. This would probably replace their club event slated for October 30th.

Details are being worked out with regards to the feasibility of organising/holding the event at such short notice but some experienced hands are on the case and an announcement is due in the near future.

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