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47 Drivers vie for 2004 European Superkart Championship

By Vincent Caro

Courtesy of The Forker Bros Goodtimes Racing website

Round 1, Magny-Cours, France, May 21-23, 2004

Karting and the international CIK-FIA championships are not reserved for kids in short trousers and for young candidates for a professional career in Motor Sport as is proved by the European Superkart Championship: its average age is... 42 years-old and its age bracket ranges from 21 to 61, the cadet being the German Christian Hennig and the eldest driver being Sweden’s ever-young Bobo Westman!

The European Superkart Championship will comprise three events in 2004, including Magny-Cours/F (21-23 May), Assen/NL (30 July-1st August) and Donington Park/GB (16-17 October). Each of the three events will concern Division 1, (F/E) whereas Division 2 (IC/E) will compete in Assen and Donington only. The first round of the season is therefore scheduled for the Magny-Cours circuit, within the framework of a Formula Nissan event. 47 drivers are entered, and for Division 1 it constitutes a record since the revival of the CIK-FIA European Superkart Championship in 2002.

The European title-holder, Damien Payart, will throw his title in and will be the spearhead of the generation of drivers who are under 30 years old, with Britain’s Mark Owens and the Germans Peter Elkmann and Christian Hennig. Versus the younger competitors, the "45 years old and over" will try to exploit their considerable experience in the category, especially the former double World Champion Poul Petersen (DK), Germany’s Joachim Breckwoldt, the British driver Steve Edwards and the Frenchman François Vinualès. Standing between these two generations, the French driver Benjamin Mahé, Britain’s John Riley and the Swede Thomas Johansson are determined to repeat the good results they achieved at the end of the 2003 season. There are also two ladies on the entry list, Virginie Barandon and Kristin Breckwoldt, and Andrew Agnew’s brave Division 2 (single-cylinder) kart is ready to take up the challenge against the more powerful twin-cylinders.

The Magny-Cours results will be available during the event on the web site of the CIK-FIA: www.cikfia.com

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2003 European Superkart Championships

Final Round - 10th August 2003

Donnington Park

This just in from Vincent Caro

Dear Sirs,

Please find attached the complete results, a short report and photos of the second and last round of the 2003 CIK-FIA European Superkart Championship (Division 1 & Division 2) that took place last weekend in Donington Park (GB).

Best regards.




Podium_R1D1_Donington_03_Hines-Owens-Payart.JPG (119933 bytes) Podium_R2D1_Donington_03-1_Payart-Hines-Johansson.JPG (136869 bytes) Podium_R2D2_Donington_03_Riley-Crowe-Bennett.JPG (125843 bytes)
Martin Hines - Mark Owens - Damien Payart Damien Payart - Martin Hines - Thomas Johansson John Riley - Malcolm Crowe - Gavin Bennett

Click on any of the thumbnails above to enlarge

Logical favourites on the eve of the British event in the CIK-FIA European Superkart Championship thanks to their victories in the Czech Republic in April, the Frenchman Damien Payart and Ulster’s Andrew Agnew were crowned European Champions in their respective categories – Division 1 for Payart, Division 2 for Agnew – at Donington Park on 10 August 2003.

In Division 1, Damien Payart was able to sit back and observe his main rivals for the title. Among them, the most impressive was undeniably Britain’s Mark Owens: after setting a sensational best time in qualifying, more than a second and three tenths quicker than the next fastest, Owens dominated Race 1, al-though in the first two laps he had to fight hard with another candidate for the title, outgoing Champion Martin Hines. On the fifth of the thirteen laps, however, Owens managed to pull away, and ended up taking the chequered flag with a comfortable lead over Martin Hines. Having got off to a bad start (in only 11th place after the first lap), Damien Payart managed to make his way progressively through the field and onto the podium, to the detriment of François Vinualès. Knowing that another place on the podium for the second race would be sufficient to hand him the title, Payart was taking no risks in Race 2 on a track that was still wet in places. Once again, he let Owens and Hines take the lead. During the first two laps, the two Britons battled for control of Race 2, swapping places no fewer than five times before Owens managed to pull away. However, just when it seemed he would surely win the race, he was forced to retire three laps from the finish, let down by his chain. The lead then fell to Hines who held on to it right to the finish, thereby securing the final second place in the championship behind Damien Payart (who came 2nd in Race 2). Taking advantage of the tricky road-holding conditions, the Swede Thomas Johansson completed the podium for Race 2.

In Division 2, the local drivers dominated the action and made for an uncommonly intense performance, especially in the first laps. John Riley and Malcolm Crowe shared the day’s victories, whereas the duellists for the title, Andrew Agnew and Michal Bartak, both retired in Race 2. Thanks to the lead he gained in the Czech Republic and a third place in Race 1, Agnew was crowned European Champion.

Final European Championships Results

SUPERKART Division 1
Ranking after Donnington  Rd. 2

Clt Num Pilote Nat CZ 1 CZ 2 GB 1 GB 2 Points
1 5 Payart, Damien F 25 25 16 20 86
2 1 Hines, Martin GB 13 20 20 25 78
3 8 Vinuales, François F 20 16 13 11 60
4 9 Owens, Mark GB 16 13 25 0 54
5 3 Westman, Bobo S 11 10 7 10 38
6 6 Johansson, Thomas S 0 7 8 16 31
7 49 Hennig, Christian D 8 6 9 8 31
8 88 Mahé, Benjamin F - - 10 13 23
9 12 Edwards, Steve F 0 11 11 0 22
10 16 Debus, Denis F 10 9 - - 19
11 7 Lozza, Philippe F 9 8 - - 17
12 4 Petersen, Poul V. DK 6 0 6 1 13
13 23 Moore, John GB 5 0 3 5 13
14 37 Compes, Robert D 7 5 - - 12
15 33 Strath, Monica S 1 4 1 6 12
16 30 Kennings, Paul GB - - 4 7 11
17 74 Gillani, Hanif GB - - 0 9 9
18 85 Jones, Chris GB - - 2 4 6
19 70 Issazadhe, Bobby S - - 5 0 5
20 39 Preiss, Daniel D 4 0 - - 4
21 79 Gyuricza, Péter H 3 1 - - 4
22 78 Lehmann, Markus D 2 2 - - 4
23 28 Maxim, David GB 0 3 0 0 3
24 75 Bailey, Cary GB 0 0 0 3 3
25 73 Scott, Andrew GB - - 0 2 2


SUPERKART Division 2
Ranking after Donnington Rd 2

Clt Num Pilote Nat CZ 1 CZ 2 GB 1 GB 2 Points
1 133 Agnew, Andrew GB 25 25 16 0 66
2 122 Bartak, Michal CZ 20 20 7 0 47
3 101 Riley, John GB - - 25 20 45
4 104 Crowe, Malcolm GB - - 20 25 45
5 149 Kracht, Thomas D 16 13 - - 29
6 173 Bennett, Gavin GB - - 13 16 29
7 147 Krause, Mirko D 13 10 - - 23
8 114 Lazzari, Peter GB - - 11 10 21
9 134 Crawford, Michael GB 11 9 1 0 21
10 123 Schander, Georg D 6 11 - - 17
11 109 Van Bokhoven, Frank NL 10 7 - - 17
12 102 Wagner, Thomas D E 16 - - 16
13 112 Fredriksson, Henrik S 1 8 2 5 16
14 135 Parkes, Gary GB 4 5 3 2 14
15 180 Gillibrand, Mark GB - - 0 13 13
16 161 Peace, Steve GB - - 5 8 13
17 116 Blom, Richard NL 9 3 - - 12
18 143 Frinken, Dr. Stefan H. D 8 4 - - 12
19 140 Dace, Nigel GB - - 0 11 11
20 131 Bateman, Paul GB - - 10 0 10
21 182 Hunt, James GB - - 4 6 10
22 138 Mc Adam, Stephen GB - - 9 0 9
23 139 Chilcott, Robert GB - - 0 9 9
24 176 Millar, Rob GB - - 8 0 8
25 106 Beck, Thomas D 7 1 - - 8
26 181 Hopkins, Carl GB - - 0 7 7
27 108 Harvey, David GB - - 6 0 6
28 118 Jennison, Michael N 0 6 0 0 6
29 115 Sieker, Ulli D 5 0 0 0 5
30 119 Emberson, Scott GB - - 0 4 4
31 110 Blackburn, Jamie GB - - 0 3 3
32 130 Gjertsen, Erik Martin N 3 0 0 0 3
33 107 Hempshall, Victor GB 2 0 0 0 2
34 148 Bernhard, Jörg D 0 2 0 0 2
35 177 Marah, Heath GB - - 0 1 1



Full results on www.cikfia.com

Information Information

CIK-FIA, 2 chemin de Blandonnet, CH-1215 Genève 15, Suisse

Tél. +41 22 306 10 80 - Fax +41 22 306 10 90 - www.cikfia.com

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2003 European Superkart Championships

Round 2   -   Croix-en-Ternois

This stuff courtesy of Rob Forker - Forker Bros Good Times Racing


By Eric Severe, mediasuperkart@wanadoo.fr
Hines Shines at Croix-en-Ternois

Martin Hines joined European Championship rivals and FFSA 250 French Superkart Championship regulars at Croix-en-Ternois over the weekend for the Grand Prix du Pas du Calais.
Driving the Zip Eagle II 250cc Superkart that powered him to the FIA/CIK European Championship title last year, Hines opted to run with the new FPE engine in qualifying, and blitzed the opposition with a 52.831 sec lap averaging 129.469 kph around the tight and twisty 1.9km circuit.

Going in to the pre-final, the head of Zip Kart, and founder of the MSA sanctioned Zip Formula powered by Ford Championship, lined-up in pole position, only to suffer from gearbox woes which eventually saw him take the flag in fifth place using just three gears. "I lost more and more gears as the race progressed," commented Hines afterwards. "I think the FPE unit has fantastic potential, and we just need to overcome these niggling problems. Certainly, qualifying proved that we have the pace, and when we can find reliability throughout the drive train then I think the new engine will be something pretty special."

Switching back to the tried and tested Rotax unit for the final, Hines made a stunning get-away from the line and powered his way into the first hairpin in the lead from fifth on the grid. Stretching his advantage over Mark Owen during the opening 13 laps, Hines then hit a bad run with the backmarkers and saw his advantage slashed. "I just had a really bad run with the backmarkers," stated Hines afterwards. "I kept catching them at all the wrong places, and was really held up." Hines' misfortune was Owen's fortune, and the fellow Brit latched onto the tail of Martin on lap 14 and slip-streamed past going down the long start/finish straight into lap 15. At the completion of the lap however, Owen ran a little wide going into the final hairpin and Martin went for the inside. "Mark made a little mistake and I moved in to punish him," commented Hines. "We touched and both bogged-down a bit. In my attempt to get going again I simply gave it too many revs, and lit-up the rears. Doing doughnuts half way through a race may be entertaining for the spectators, but by the time I was pointing in the right direction Mark was already half way down the straight!"

Hines closed the gap to just 4.144 seconds over the closing 11 laps, but Owen had the race. "Second place, considering the dramas, is pretty encouraging going into the final round of the FIA / CIK European Championship at Donington," beamed Hines as he stepped down from the podium. "This trophy is pretty huge too!"

Hines' second place was some 11 seconds clear of fourth place finisher Damien Payart, and as his main European Title rival, the weekend's result deals a timely reminder to the Frenchman that Hines is still more than capable of lifting SuperKarting's premier silverware at Donington Park in August.

Final Result - Grand Prix du Pas du Calais
1 Mark Owen 23:19.254
2 Martin Hines 23:23.398
3 Claude Chaumot 23:29.987
4 Damien Payart 23:34.575
5 Alexandre Sebastia 23:40.880
6 Benjamin Mahe 23:41.251

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This stuff courtesy of Rob Forker - Forker Bros Good Times Racing

Round 1

Brno - Czech Republic

25-27 April 2003


(This information was provided by Vincent Caro, CIK/FIA)


Host of the first round of the 2003 CIK-FIA European Superkart Championship, the Brno circuit
was unanimously praised by the 52 drivers present. The course, which is long, wide, varied and
hilly, demands great driving accuracy and powerful engines.

After being affected by a «virus» in the ignition of his engine during free practice and the first
timed practice session, France’s Damien Payart (PVP-FPE) landed pole-position at the end of the
second qualifying practice session, covering the 5.4 km of the circuit at an average speed of
over 160 Kph. Second placed driver François Vinualès (Nissag-Rotax) completed a 100% French
front row, ahead of Mark Owens (ADE-FPE), Denis Debus (PVP-FPE), Martin Hines (Zip-FPE)
and Steve Jones (PVP-SGM). As regards Division 2, the British driver Andrew Agnew (Anderson-
Honda) was both a sensational 15th overall and had the fastest time in his category!

François Vinualès took the best start in Race 1. The first laps gave rise to a thrilling to-ing and
fro-ing among the leading quintet composed of Vinualès, Owens, Hines, Payart and Barker
(Anderson-SGM). Half-way through the race, Payart took the lead and flew away on his own
to a comfortable win. Behind him, Vinualès (who achieved the fastest lap) waited till the final
lap to dislodge Owens from the runner-up place. Hines finished fourth, far ahead of the Swedish
veteran Bobo Westman (PVP-Rotax), Denis Debus (PVP-FPE), Philippe Lozza (PVP-Rotax),
Christian Hennig (APG-Rotax) and Robert Compès (PVP-Rotax). Agnew, who led Division 2 from
the first to the 9th lap, was surprised on the finish line by Thomas Wagner (PVP-Rotax), but he
nonetheless inherited victory further to the disclassification of the German driver (length of the
kart). And so the local driver Michal Bartak (PVP-Rotax) and Thomas Kracht (PVP-Rotax) were
awarded 2nd and 3rd places.

The start of Race 2 proved as spectacular as that of Race 1. Barker covered lap one in the lead
and he and Hines, Payart and Vinualès led in turn. Then, as in Race 1, Payart took the lead
half way through the race and isolated himself in the lead until the finish to achieve his second
victory of the day, which meant a comfortable lead in the championship. Hines finished 2nd
slightly over two seconds behind Payart, while Vinualès managed in extremis to keep his 3rd
place ahead of Owens, who had recovered from a laborious start. Steve Edwards (PVP-FPE),
Bobo Westman, Denis Debus, Philippe Lozza, Thomas Johansson (Anderson-Rotax) and Christian
Hennig completed the «Top 10», while it was worth recording the fine 12th position of the
only female driver in the category, Sweden’s Monica Strath (PVP-Rotax). In Division 2, Agnew
went it alone in convincing style, which earned him the provisional lead of the championship
with the maximum number of points.

The second and final round of the 2003 CIK-FIA European Superkart Championship will be held
on 8, 9 and 10 August 2003 in Donington Park (GB), within the framework of a prestigious
meeting with notably the FIA Thoroughbred Championship (historic F1), the Euro
3000 (F3000) and the FIA Sportscar Championship.

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2003 European Superkart Championships

This stuff courtesy of Rob Forker - Forker Bros Good Times Racing

Round 1

Brno - Czech Republic

25-27 April 2003


Successfully revived in 2002, the CIK-FIA European Superkart Championship will comprise two events this year and will again visit prestigious circuits.

First Brno in the Czech Republic (25-27 April 2003) and then Donington Park in Great Britain (8-10 August 2003). 

The long Brno circuit (5.4 km) has become a Mecca for motorcycle Grand Prix racing and has hosted several FIA motor sport championships,it will undoubtedly unanimously be praised by Superkart drivers who will discover it. 

In Donington (4 km), the European Superkart Championship will be integrated in a resolutely international competition including a round of the FIA Sportscar Championship, a round of the Thoroughbred Championship (historic
F1) and a round of the Euro 3000 (F3000)!

As in 2002, Superkarts are divided up into two categories: Division 1 groups together 250cc twin-cylinder karts (power of approximately 95 HP, for a total weight of 210 kg, driver included), and Division 2 brings together 250cc single-
cylinder karts (power of approximately 70 HP, for a weight of 200 kg).
53 drivers representing 9 nationalities, are entered in the first Championship round, 31 of whom in the top category. World Champion four times over in the 1980-90’s (when Superkart was still called Formula E), the British driver Martin Hines celebrated his return to competition in 2002 with a European Champion title after nine years in retirement. Aged 56, Hines has proved that he still is
the role model in that category and will fully deserve his No. 1 this season.
However, his competitors are determined to give him a hard time. He is facing two generations: the old one, which he has known for at least 20 years, is led by the indefatigable Bobo Westman (60 years old!) and the former twice World Champion Poul Petersen (54 years old); and the rising generation, led by Britain’s Mark Owens and the double French Champion Damien Payart, both of
whom are 28 years old. For top positions or even a win, the Swede Johansson, French drivers Vinualès and Lozza, the Briton Barker and Germany’s Huber and Breckwoldt must also be reckoned with. In the absence of the Englishmen who dominated the 2002 championship, in Division 2, the continental drivers, in particular the Germans Wagner (the outgoing Vice-Champion), Kracht and Beck or the Czech Bartak, seem to be the most likely competitors who will fight for victory.
Finally, the fair sex will rely on two representatives, with Sweden’s Monica Strath in Division 1 and Germany’s Kristin Breckwoldt in Division 2.

The results of the Brno event will be available on the CIK-FIA web site
(www.cikfia.com) during the event.

The F/E entry list for Brno are as follows:
1 Hines, Martin GB Hines, Martin GB Zip - Rotax
3 Westman, Bobo S Westman, Bobo S PVP - Rotax
4 Petersen, Poul V. DK Petersen, Poul V. DK PVP - Rotax
5 Payart, Damien F Payart, Damien F PVP - FPE
6 Johansson, Thomas S Johansson, Thomas S Anderson - FPE
7 Lozza, Philippe F Lozza, Philippe F PVP - Rotax
8 Vinuales, François F Vinuales, François F Nissag - Rotax
9 Owens, Mark GB Owens, Mark GB ADE - FPE
10 Huber, Rudi D Huber, Rudi D ADE - Rotax
12 Edwards, Steve F Edwards, Steve F PVP - FPE
16 Debus, Denis F Debus, Denis F PVP - FPE
19 Barker, Graham GB Barker, Graham GB Anderson - SGM
21 RSG Hamburg D Breckwoldt, Joachim D PVP - Yamaha
22 Jones, Steve GB Jones, Steve GB PVP - SGM
23 Moore, John GB Moore, John GB PVP - Rotax
28 Maxim, David GB Maxim, David GB Raider - Rotax
33 Hörman Swedish AB S Strath, Monica S PVP - Rotax
34 Gustafson, Börje S Gustafson, Börje S PVP - Rotax
36 Pfeiffer, Willi D Pfeiffer, Willi D PVP - Yamaha
37 Compes, Robert D Compes, Robert D PVP - Rotax
38 Meyer-Wolff, Wilfried D Meyer-Wolff, Wilfried D PVP - Yamaha
39 Preiss, Daniel D Preiss, Daniel D PVP - Rotax
40 Nielsen, Hendrik DK Nielsen, Hendrik DK PVP - Yamaha
41 Springer, Erich A Springer, Erich A Viper - Rotax
42 Petersen, Ib DK Petersen, Ib DK PVP - Rotax
43 Sadurski, Michael D Sadurski, Michael D PVP - Yamaha
48 Pedersen, Keld DK Pedersen, Keld DK PVP - Yamaha
49 Hennig, Christian D Hennig, Christian D APG - Rotax
75 Bailey, Cary GB Bailey, Cary GB Anderson - Yamaha
78 Lehmann, Markus D Lehmann, Markus D PVP - Rotax
79 Tribett Racing H Gyuricza, Péter H PVP - Yamaha

Entry list for IC/E:

102 Wagner, Thomas D Wagner, Thomas D PVP - Rotax
106 Beck, Thomas D Beck, Thomas D APG - Rotax
107 Hempshall, Victor GB Hempshall, Victor GB ADE - Rotax
109 Van Bokhoven, Frank NL Van Bokhoven, Frank NL Viper - Rotax
112 Fredriksson, Henrik S Fredriksson, Henrik S Anderson - Rotax
115 Sieker, Ulli D Sieker, Ulli D PVP - Rotax
116 Blom, Richard NL Blom, Richard NL APG - Rotax
118 Jennison, Michael N Jennison, Michael N PVP - Rotax
122 Bartak, Michal CZ Bartak, Michal CZ PVP - Rotax
123 Schander, Georg D Schander, Georg D PVP - Rotax
124 RSG Hamburg D Breckwoldt, Kristin D PVP - Rotax
125 Schnell, Ralf D Schnell, Ralf D PVP - Rotax
130 Gjertsen, Erik Martin N Gjertsen, Erik Martin N PVP - Honda
133 Agnew, Andrew GB Agnew, Andrew GB Anderson - Honda
134 Crawford, Michael GB Crawford, Michael GB Anderson - Rotax
135 Parkes, Gary GB Parkes, Gary GB PVP - Rotax
136 Roscoe, Graham GB Roscoe, Graham GB Formula 1 - Honda
143 Frinken, Dr. Stefan H. D Frinken, Dr. Stefan H. D Anderson - Rotax
147 Krause, Mirko D Krause, Mirko D Viper - Rotax
148 Bernhard, Jörg D Bernhard, Jörg D Viper - Rotax
149 Kracht, Thomas D Kracht, Thomas D PVP - Rotax
150 Mundt, Andreas D Mundt, Andreas D PVP - Rotax

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European Championships for F/E and IC/E Confirmed

This stuff lifted courtesy of the British Superkart Association website


Full FIA approval has been granted for a three event European Championship in 2002. Both the F250E and F250ICE will enjoy Championship status.  The series will go to Nurburgring on July 13/14th, Donington on Aug. 9/10/11th and Le Man on Oct. 12/13th. It is particularly pleasing to have the British round at Donington. The management there were has been very positive and it is hoped that enough entries will be forthcoming that the F250ICE and F250E grids will run separately. The race meetings will include a free practice period of at least 30 minutes, two timed session of 25 minutes and two races of a least 50 km.

There has been a flurry of established stars from the past reportedly considering a comeback. Even the old Master himself Martin Hines has expressed interest.

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European Championships for F/E and IC/E are on Again

This info was lifted off the Forker Bros Good Times Racing website.

Received this from Ian Rushforth:

It looks also very likely that the French, British and German Superkart series organisers will be running a full CIK authorised European Championship for both F250E and F250ICE in 2002. The circuits under consideration are Brands Hatch, Nurburgring, Assen and Magny Cour. Things should be more clear later in October."

Going to be just like the old days again!

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