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Latest 4 Stroke Superkart Engine from Maxsyme


Welcome to the June edition of Maxsym's MC4 Newsletter. 


GP500 & GP600

Maxsym's latest engine development project is code-named MC4.  However, we are pleased to announce that the 500cc & 600cc engines themselves will be known as GP500 & GP600 respectively.  We believe these names capture the essence of MC4 - specialist racing engines in two significant capacity classes.  We hope you agree! 

General Assembly Complete

Work on the General Assembly of the engine is now complete.  The design incorporates a whole host of technical features that will allow maximum flexibility to be maintained for individual customer requirements without compromising its pure racing pedigree.  A full Technical Synopsis is now available on our website.  [On our homepage, click on Technical Synopsis.]

 Intake at front or rear!

Customers can specify engines with either inlet or exhaust ports to the front.  This unique feature is achieved by using a centrally positioned cam drive, driven by a quill shaft locatelow down behind the cylinders.  As well as minimising the width of the unit, this also allows the chain drive to run at nominally half crank speed, optimising chain control at high engine speeds. 

The monoblock layout (whereby the cylinder head and engine block are combined in one casting) has inherent advantages.  Developed by Maxsym over the last 7 years, these include minimised bore distortion & improved structural stiffness; improved cooling around the combustion chamber; and no cylinder head gasket. 

The design allows the monoblock to be split from the crankcases as a complete sub-assembly.  The cams & cam drive remain intact meaning that piston inspection can be completed without disturbing the cam timing.  Removable nicasil-plated alloy liners are used.  A range of engine mount options ensures maximum flexibility for each customer.

 Motorsport Valley Feedback

Maxsym would like to thank friends & colleagues involved in all areas of the motorsport industry for their input.   We have been fortunate to draw on their respective experience in Formula 1, MotoGP, WSB, BTCC, WRC, Superkart, F1 Sidecar, Supermoto and more.  Informal 'brainstorming' sessions have been very helpful.  We have been encouraged by the genuine interest & support shown by Motorsport Valley.  Thank you. 

Interest builds

We have also had a huge amount of feedback from recipients of the Newsletter.  This has ranged from requests for features, suggestions of how to improve on other race engines or simply words of encouragement.  We have acted on many of your suggestions already - keep them coming!  As an indication of the major interest generated by the MC4 project, our website traffic increased by a massive 86% after our first Newsletter to over 27,000 hits in May! 

Tooling underway

Tooling for the monoblock is being prepared by Grainger & Worrall, one of the world's leading suppliers of high precision aluminium castings, at their state of the art facility in Bridgnorth, Shropshire.  G&W have a proven track record of supplying quality components to the automotive and motorsport industries.  CAD models prepared by Steve Prentice, Maxsym's designer, will be used as the basis to cut tooling in-house on 5-axis CNC machining centres in hard ureol.  First castings are then poured.  "These go through a rigorous process development and verification procedure to ensure dimensional accuracy and metallurgical integrity," explains Richard Jukes, Executive Manager of Tooling.  This includes X-ray, crack testing, pressure testing, hardness & tensile tests.


James Grainger, G&W's Managing Director, confirmed "We are very impressed with the MC4 design.  It's an exciting project.  We are delighted to be involved."

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Latest 4 Stroke Superkart Engine from Maxsyme


This article courtesy of the Superkart Club of NSW website

Tuesday, 6th January 2004 

At Autosport 2004 Maxsym will announce the launch of a comprehensive development programme for its new small 4-stroke race engine – MC4.
Initially conceived as the replacement for 250cc 2-stroke GP motorcycle engines, Maxsym have spent the last year carrying out a marketing study, completing initial concept work and taking steps to raise considerable finance.

MC4 will be available in 3 capacities – 450cc, 500cc & 600cc – with rated speeds between 8000 & 15000 rpm to suit motorcycles, superkarts, single seaters, ATVs, snowmobiles and personal watercraft. The MC4 will be available to race in the 2005 season.

Maxsym is very pleased to announce that development capital and track experience for the project will come from key players in the industry. Details of the financial partner will be released later this month, but on the practical side Maxsym is pleased to confirm two ideal strategic collaborations. Zip Kart, the UK’s premier kart manufacturer, will develop a new superkart using a 500cc version of the engine. And WIRE, the factory Yamaha supermoto race team, will support in-vehicle testing of an off-road version for supermotos.

Ferro F250E Superkart Engine

No information on this new engine as yet but stay tuned.

The picture is of a mock up of the engine and word from Eric Severe is that the completed engine is set for production on early 2004

Ferro250Twin.jpg (90695 bytes)

Click on image to enlarge

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BRC 250 Twin F/E Engine 


This just in from Riley Will BRC Engineering

Hello everyone. 

Here is a picture of our engine cases.  These engines
are being built up for Laguna and for FIA Homologation this fall.  For
Laguna BRC will have their own cylinders which are double valve
electronically actuated exhaust valves along with our own crankshafts,
connecting rods, and tandem gears.  We look forward to being able to
answer any questions and to supply engines to this great sport.

Best Regards,

Riley Will
BRC Engineering
6-655, 42 Ave. N.E.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2E 6S1
403-216-0630 tel.
403-216-0639 fax.

MVC-011S.JPG (23655 bytes)

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge

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Here are the latest pix of the BRC 250 F/E engine built by BRC Engineering

Riley Will of BRC Racing advises that orders can now be placed for customer engines. There is also a 125cc gearbox engine under development and BRC are currently designing their own cylinders and heads to be available in the near future. There are a few choices for cylinders at the moment such as Rotax, Aprillia, Sudor and Pavesi to name some. These cylinders are primarily designed with racing motorcycles in mind. The BRC items will be specific for superkarting.

The BRC engines are currently fitted with Vortex programmeable CDI's but this may change in the near future.

Riley Will
BRC Racing
403-216-0630 wk.
403-216-0639 fax.

Click on the images to enlarge

MVC-001S.JPG (51639 bytes) MVC-002S.JPG (59884 bytes) MVC-003S.JPG (59644 bytes) MVC-004S.JPG (57080 bytes)

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Courtesy of the Forker Bros Good Times Racing website


From Riley Will  BRC Racing

It's almost ready!  Here is a taste of BRC's engine for the public. I will have more photos closer to the end of the week when we are dyno testing.  For the record, this engine was engineered completely by BRC. 

BRC would like to acknowledge Mike Hemingway as a consultant.  Mike brought years of experience that, coupled with our engineering and manufacturing ability, has culminated into this design.  North America distribution will be through BRC Racing, European distribution will be through Mike Hemingway. 

Customers have a choice between Aprilia, Sudor, Rotax 129, and RCS cylinders. Currently we will need a Rotax 256 as a donor engine for some internals; we will be producing the internals within 8 months.

Design improvements over a Rotax 256 are:
-Stronger billet cases (7075-T5).
-Liquid cooled cases.
-Current technology cylinders.
-Non overlapping transmission and disk valve covers.
-One piece disk valve cover with equal inlet lengths.
-Jack bolt locations for both transmission cover and disk valve cover.
-1.125" narrower at the internal water pump cover (integrated design
with chassis consideration).
-More convenient pulse fitting location (No longer hits chassis cross
bar at extreme chain lengths).
-Rotax 256 engine mount geometry.

Many other internal enhancements which make the engine easier to work on, more reliable, more powerful, and very user friendly.

Best Regards,
Riley Will
BRC Racing
403-216-0630 wk.
403-216-0639 fax.

BRCBilletCase.jpg (13731 bytes)

Click to enlarge

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SGM FE2002 is now available!

The new SGM FE2002 twin engine is now available from the SGM factory in Italy.

Currently the new engine is under continuous development in Italy and also in England and the engine now has FIM homologation.

The engine is producing nearly 90 HP @ 13200 RPM and comes complete with expansion chambers,  "Selettra Digitale" ignition and Dellorto VHSB 39 ND carburettors at a list price of  8676,50 euro.

Orders can be made directly to the SGM factory and suppliers in Australia and New Zealand are being sought.

Here are some pix of the new engine.

Click on any of the images to enlarge

Fe2002_1l.gif (250587 bytes) Fe2002_6l.gif (68103 bytes) Fe2002_8l.gif (262906 bytes) Fe2002_7l.gif (239364 bytes) SGM-FE2002.jpg (14381 bytes)

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Another New F250E Engine!

Damien and Francis Payart of F.P. Engineering in France announce the completion of their totally new F250E 250cc superkart engine!

Here is their E-mail message:

F. P. Engineering
Tél: 00 33 04 78 47 55 77
Fax: 00 33 04 72 17 81 72
E-mail: dpayart@free.fr
9 Allée Beau Site
69410 Champagne au Mont d'Or

Dear sirs,

The new FPE is ready.
Enjoy the pics and plan your order.

The official test reports will arrive soon.

Best regards

Moteur FPE 2002.JPG (240216 bytes)

Click these thumbnails to check out their beautiful piece of engineering!

Click Here for Donnington Park Race Timesheet

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New F250E twin engines 

This stuff lifted courtesy of the British Superkart Association website

There is great excitement across Europe about the renewal of the Euro superkart series. This coupled with the news that up to five new engines are under development has given great hope for a revival of this category.

Of the five new engines the SGM and FPE would appear to be likely additions to the list while examples from V Dot in America, Mike Hemingway and Ferro in Spain might not be able to put forward the 10 engines required at one time to achieve registration. FPE is the guy who makes substitute crankcases for the Rotax. The SGM has caused the biggest stir and is apparently very advanced and in production although it wont be available to see over here until late January early February. It is thought that it will be priced at less than £5000 (UK)  complete with Carbs and Pipes.

Keep an eye on the SGM website (www.sgm-engines.com) for updates.

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New twin engine from Italian engine manufacturer SGM

This bit of info was also lifted off the Forker Bros Good Times Racing website.

From Ian Rushforth:

"I dont know if you have heard but I am told that Italian shifter engine manufacturer SGM are working on a F250E engine. They manufacture 125cc engines at the moment and are planning to use these parts for the 250cc model."

Anyone with more info, please send it. (I've never heard of them)

Furthermore, word is that "King" Kenny Roberts is set to develop a F250E engine based on the Modenas 500cc GP bike engine

It gets more interesting by the minute!

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