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Eastern Creek Superkart Spectacular

Eastern Creek Raceway 

Febuary 26th & 27th  2005

This just in from NSW club el presidente John Pellicano

Dear Racer
I am pleased to inform you that the sup regs to the Superkart Spectacular  at the Creek are now available for download on our web site at  http://www.superkart.org.au/downloads/EC0502Entry.PDF

  Please take the time to read them carefully.

We would encourage you to be prompt with your entry as:
 a) it will ensure you get a garage.
 b) it makes our clerical job a lot easier.
 c) ensures you get a start at this event.
We highlight to the gearbox classes this will be your only opportunity for those that will be contesting the 2005 National Series to shack down their machine before the fist round in July. And for the Non-gearbox it may be your only opportunity in 2005 to race the great Eastern Creek circuit.
We will pass on any relevant up dates for this meeting as we receive them however if you have any queries or questions.....You know the deal, don't ask your, mate ask us...on nswexec@superkart.org.au
The organizers look forward to seeing you at the Creek for simply the greatest event..... The Spectacular.
For any Interstaters requiring assistance it will be our pleasure to help.
I take this opportunity in wishing you a merry Xmas & Happy new year.
Event coordinator.
PS Have you been to our Superkart forum ?  If not have a look after you downloaded the sup reg's & join up we want your input.



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