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South Australia
Western Australia

New South Wales is home to some excellent and long running circuits for superkart racing. These tracks are within easy reach of the state capital Sydney.

They are:

  • Oran Park
  • Wakefield Park
  • Eastern Creek

Oran Park

This is a very long running circuit famous for some excellent Group A races over the many years that this circuit has been in operation.

It is located at Narellan, 45 km south-west of Sydney on the corner of Northern Rd and Cobbitty Rd off the old Hume Hwy.

The "flip-flop" at the approach to old BP which is the last left hander onto the back straight has been the site of much exciting racing and to watch the big inch motorcycles flicking right and immediately left then the downhill blast into the dip before the last turn is something to see.

This circuit includes the shorter southern circuit of 1.96 km in length, the lesser used northern figure 8 or the full length GP circuit which is 2.62 km in length. Direction of racing on the GP and southern circuits is clockwise.

Wakefield Park

Wakefield Park is located 10 km south of Goulburn on the Braidwood road. Goulburn is about about an hour and a half south west of Sydney on the Hume Freeway.

The circuit is 2.2 km in length and direction of racing is clockwise.

Eastern Creek

Eastern Creek circuit is an interesting circuit, particularly for bigger inch (250cc) superkarts featuring a long primarily downhill straight allowing speeds of up to 220kph to be achieved by the best F/E 250cc superkarts, followed by an amazing flat out, high speed left hand, zero camber sweeper. There is a decent bump on the entry into the sweeper making for some interesting lines around there. A high speed run around this little number is to be remembered for quite a while as there is no positive camber to help "hold" karts into the turn and requires some serious commitment and good chassis setup to do it flat chat! The mostly blind, left hand, off camber turn 7 around Corporate Hill also makes for some exhilarating racing followed by a really hard braking area into the tight and falling hairpin turn 8!

The circuit has a bit of everything, rising and falling, direction changes, different cambered corners and a couple of good passing points and a reasonably smooth and consistent surface. For a few years Eastern Creek hosted the Australian Motorcycle GP's and is a very safe circuit with plenty of runoff.

The track is 3.93 km in length and direction of racing is anti-clockwise.

Eastern Creek is located 20 km west of Paramatta, Sydney on The M4 Motorway



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