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South Australia
Western Australia

Victoria is home to three tracks within relatively easy reach of the capital Melbourne. 

They are:

  • Calder Park

  • Winton

  • Phillip Island

Calder Park

Calder Park and Winton circuits are used mostly for club events and Phillip Island is usually used for state and national championship events.

Calder Park is located on the Calder Freeway, 25 km north-west of Melbourne.Calder Park

The complex includes a 1.83 km NASCAR circuit, 400m drag strip, 1.45 km club race circuit and a 2.28 National race circuit.

Direction of racing on the race circuits is clockwise.




Sadly, due to reasons beyond control, Calder Park has lost its circuit racing license from CAMS. However, racing continues on under the permits of the AAA which is a controlling body alternative and in competition with CAMS


Another fairly flat, turn in and squirt type of circuit that rewards a well set up chassis and good brakes.Winton Raceway

The circuit was recently extended and the main straights are divided by a rather tricky flip-flop. The circuit is 2.03 km in length and direction of racing is clockwise

Located about an hour north of Melbourne, 10 km north of Benalla on the Old Hume Hwy.


Phillip Island

A very fast and exciting circuit for superkarts, particularly the big inch 250cc classes with the second half of the long main straight being down hill followed by a very fast right hand sweeper. Like Eastern Creek in N.S.W., this track has it all with fast corners, slow corners, high speed direction changes, up hill and down dale! There is something for everybody at "The Island". 250cc F/E class superkarts can reach speeds of around 240 kph here.Phillip Is. Like Eastern Creek, the track surface is fairly smooth and predictable.

Some say this is as good a big kart track as any in the world!

It is a very old circuit that has been resurrected after many years of disuse into a world class Grand Prix circuit. The Australian Motorcycle GP's are currently held at the Island and it is a highly regarded race circuit by the GP bike fraternity.

It has a mainstraight that seems to go on forever then goes further on downhill into the most fearsome flat out right hand sweeper. The following 180 Deg. left hand sweeper rises and then falls and the track canber runs from positive to level and then negative camber about half way around and is a particularly difficult corner to set up for.

Plenty of altitude changes and some blind apex corners make this track a real challenge.

Phillip Island is 4.45 km in length, direction of racing is anti-clockwise and the circuit is located 128 km south east of Melbourne on Phillip Island.



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