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The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport Limited (CAMS) has been the custodian of motor sport in Australia since 1953.

CAMS is the National Sporting Authority (ASN) for motor sport in Australia, delegated this responsibility by the Federation Internationale deíl Automobile (FIA) in 1970.

The FIA aims to ensure that motor sport is conducted in accordance with the highest standards of safety and fairness and CAMS, together with 163 other ASNs in 119 nations, are committed to carrying out the mission of the FIA.


What does CAMS do?

CAMS exists to promote, encourage, and advance motor sport in Australia through competition, ensuring that the sport is competitive and fair and is run in accordance with the spirit of the traditions of true competitive sport.

CAMS is responsible for all forms of four-wheeled motor sport which includes categories such as circuit racing, rallying, off roading, historic competition and other general motor sport activities (including motorkhana, speed, hillclimb, autocross and khanacross events).

In addition to this it is CAMSí responsibility to ensure that all motor sport in Australia is conducted in a manner that secures and enhances the safety of all those involved, including participants, officials, spectators and the public.

This work is carried out to benefit all CAMS members in Australia, approximately 52,000 in total, which includes the members of over 350 affiliated car clubs and over 9,000 accredited officials.

In administering these objectives, CAMS regulates some 1,800 motor sport events per year, ranging from club level right through to major international events. CAMSí responsibilities include:
+ The coordination of the annual motor sport calendar
+ The licensing and inspection of circuits
+ The licensing of all competitors
+ The permitting of events in accordance with National Competition Rules
+ The training and licensing of officials
+ The provision of a judicial system
+ Ongoing development of the rules of competition and upholding driver and public safety standards
+ Category Management
+ Liaising with the FIA
+ Developing and maintaining standards of safety and fairness
+ Planning and developing motor sport in Australia
+ Provision of protection through detailed and comprehensive insurance cover for participants, event organisers and claims by members of the public for injuries.


This information courtesy of the official Cams website

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