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Superkart Classes

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80cc Gearbox
100cc No Gearbox
125cc Rotax Max
125cc Gearbox
250cc IC/E
250cc F/E

On these pages is some basic info on the various superkart classes running on Australian tracks at present. 

Click on a class on the left that you may be interested in for more information. 

Because of the wide variety of kart brands, components and construction techniques as well as levels of sophistication to choose from, I have kept the descriptions straightforward as possible. The best place to check out the many different variants of karts and so-forth is at a superkart race meeting. You can find out about clubs and race meetings in you own state by clicking here and visiting the Australian Clubs pages.

It is always interesting to note the varying construction techniques employed by different kart builders.

Any prices quoted in these pages are really just a rough indication of what you might expect to pay.

It needs to be said that even tho a superkart may have been built with the latest and best of everything and looks the absolute last word in technical sophistication and technical gimmickery, this is no guarantee of any type of success on the track. Don't be too dazzled by technical science when checking out superkart hardware as very often a superkart apparently lacking in apparent technical sophistication may be capable of very competitive lap times for very little relative cost!

 Click Here to follow a link to a kart dealer.

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