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Remember !

A mega price tag doesn't necessarily guarantee a fast and reliable kart.

Karts can be had for as little as $1000 ready to race for an older 80cc or 100cc NGB and up to a whopping $30000 + for a brand new 250cc F/E twin with the best of everything including data logging, rack & pinion steering, carbon fibre this and titanium that and perhaps a spare kitchen sink and some more blah blah blah for good measure!!

Realistically though, a reasonable "entry level" second-hand kart can be had as follows:

80cc Gearbox $2500 to $3500
100cc No Gearbox $2000 to $3000
125cc Rotax Max 

No Gearbox

$2500 to $3500
125cc Gearbox $3500 to $4500
250cc IC/E $4000 to $6000
250cc F250E $5000 to $8000


These are just average entry level prices in $AUD for reasonable second-hand machinery. Prices can vary wildly depending on many factors including the karts make and age, type and age of engine, modifications, amount of spare parts included in the deal, overall condition and other factor too numerous to list so use these figures as a very rough indication only.

On going running and maintenance costs i.e.: tyres, brakes, engine rebuilds, fuel and oil etc. will vary wildly due to how often you race, crash, how much fabrication you do yourself and other factors way too numerous to list.

It is always worthwhile to attend a superkart race meeting at your local track and have a chat with competitors to get a more realistic idea of what's involved and costs. Don't be dazzled by mega flashy paint jobs with chrome wheel nuts and brand new everything else as it is not always necessary to spend unlimited money on the very latest equipment to be ultra competitive!


Costs of superkarting are rather difficult to predict and really depend heavily on what class you wish to compete in, how many hi-tech goodies your kart carries around, your technical ability, how often you wish to race, ambitions, bravery etc etc! The best place to get a good idea of suprkarting costs is at a race meeting where you can speak to many different drivers

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