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Our F.A.Q. page is made up of questions often asked at race meetings and in general conversation with people of all ages and from all walks of life.

We would like to include as many questions as possible that are relevant to the prospective superkarters, so if you can't find an answer here that helps you, please don't hesitate to contact us for answers to any questions. We will include any new questions into the FAQ pages

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What are superkarts ?
  2. What are the different classes of superkarts?
  3. What is the difference between sprintkarts and superkarts ?
  4. How fast do superkarts go ?
  5. Are superkarts dangerous ?
  6. Where and when can I go to see superkarts race in Australia ?
  7. How do I go about getting started in superkarting ?
  8. How much does it cost ?
  9. What about racing licenses ?
  10. How often do superkarts race in Australia ?
  11. Where can I buy karts or kart bits and pieces ?

What are superkarts?

Superkarts are road racing machines (Go-Karts) that were originally based on sprintkarts or go-karts as they were originally known and are designed to run on full size motor racing tracks.

Superkarts are fitted with motorcycle type engines of 80cc, 125cc, 250cc single and 250cc twin cylinders with gearboxes.

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What are the different classes of superkarts in Australia?

There are 6 different classes of superkarts in Australia with a range of costs and performances. The gearbox classes are 80cc, 125cc, 250cc single cylinder and 250cc twin cylinder.

There are currently 2 Non-gearbox classes, 100cc and Rotax Max125cc.

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What is the difference between sprintkarts and superkarts ?

Sprintkarts are designed primarily for shorter purpose made sprint circuits and do not have a gearbox. 

Superkarts are designed to be raced on full size car racing circuits and are fitted with wings and fairings and motorcycle engines of various capacities with gearboxes.   

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  • Click here to find out more about superkart classes.

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How fast do superkarts go ?

Up to 250 kph in an 250cc F/E  superkart!

The top speed of superkarts depends on what class you are competing in and also the nature of the track you are competing on.

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Are superkarts dangerous ?

It needs to be said that all forms of motorsport do carry an element of danger and that incidents can and sometimes occur. Having said that, superkarting has seen relatively few serious injuries compared to some other categories of racing vehicles. Every effort is taken to ensure the safety of competitors and spectators alike at race meetings by the organisers and officials, but, the ultimate responsibility belongs with the competitors while they are on the track by giving each other sufficient racing room and competing within the limitations of themselves and their equipment.

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Where and when can I go to see superkarts race in Australia ?

Superkart races are held at most Australian tracks right throughout the year.

  • Click Here to find out about meetings in your state go to the superkart clubs page 

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How do I get started in superkarting ?

Getting started in superkarts is really quite simple, especially if you do a little bit of research before you start. 

Your main question to ask yourself is how much do I want to spend when starting out? If you can give yourself a ballpark budget to begin with it makes the job a little easier when it comes to choosing machinery and equipment. You should always attend a couple of superkart meetings so you can see for yourself what is involved and get a more balanced view on equipment and ongoing running costs.

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How much does it cost to get into superkarting ?

The costs to get into superkarting vary so widely that it makes it very difficult to predict a starting point. So much depends on what level you wish to compete at such as club, state or national level or even just at hobby level and never compete! Also, equipment prices vary so much depending on age, condition, amount of goodies fitted to the kart and so on.

Click here for some more info on costs.

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What about racing licenses ?

It is a requirement in Australia to be a current financial member of a CAMS affiliated club and hold a minimum level 2 license if you wish to compete at club circuit sprint events, a minimum level 3 (K3) superkart racing license to compete at an open race event up to state level. If, in the future you intend to race at state or national championship level you will have to have your license upgraded to level 4 (K4).

  • Click here to go to Australian superkart club pages

  • Click here to visit the CAMS website to find out about getting and upgrading a superkart racing license.

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How often do superkarts race in Australia ?

In Australia, the various clubs around the country schedule their open race meetings nearly every month of the year. Other events that superkarts occasionally compete at are hillclimbs and drag racing.

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Where can I buy karts and bits and pieces ?

You can try the Australian clubs pages, the local Trading Post paper and daily newspaper classifieds. You can also go to our Links page and click on the Australian Karting Association website link to get the addresses for sprintkart clubs,  or to contact a superkart dealer on the mainland. These dealers can find you a second hand kart or even build you a brand new one in any class you like and can supply any parts and go-fast goodies you may desire! 

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