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Getting Started

Those of you wishing to enter the sport of superkarting should first attend a superkart race meeting and have a look around the pits at the machines competing and have a chat to the competitors to get an idea of what is involved and what superkart would be suitable for your budget and abilities.

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Getting Started
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Evan Lyons (and helper) and the "Silky Rooster" at eastern Creek (NSW)

Superkarters in general, are an approachable lot and usually don't mind stopping to have a chat to a prospective new member/competitor!

Once you have an idea of the classes of kart you wish to race, purchase your kart and safety gear. New or second-hand it is totally up to you. A good place to look for karts is in superkart club newsletters. Most clubs include a classified section in their newsletters and are usually good places to start looking and to get an idea of the costs of machinery involved. 

Click on the link below to go to the Australian Clubs pages where you will find contact information on superkart clubs right around Australia.

Click Here to go to our Australian clubs pages to find a club in your state

You can also get in touch with a superkart dealer. The dealers can supply a wide range of karts and parts or build one to order if you wish!

Click Here to go to our links page to visit a superkart dealer site.


Click Here  to go to the COSTS page for approximate entry level prices


Next, you will need to join a CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motorsport) affiliated superkart club and through that club you can apply for a CAMS superkart racing license. If you are new to motorsport, you will be issued with a provisional license requiring you to display a "P" plate at the rear of your kart for at least 3 open race meetings, undertake some sort of administrative role or wave the flags at 1 other open race meeting and attend a lecture before you can be issued with an unrestricted superkart racing license. You will receive a CAMS Manual of Motorsport which will detail specific class technical regulations and all other safety requirements.
Those of you coming from other areas of CAMS sanctioned motorsport will need to have your existing license endorsed for superkarting by CAMS.

If all is well with your club membership and license, enter your first event and away you go. Your superkart, safety gear and driving apparel will be subject to an inspection and approval by licensed scrutineers before you will be allowed on to the track. This inspection is a necessary safety procedure and will reveal any defect you may have missed before it becomes a danger to yourself or other competitors. If faults are found that, in the chief scrutineers opinion, are a hazard or your kart does not satisfy the technical regulations for your class, your kart will not be allowed to onto the circuit until the fault is fixed. 

It will piss you right off if you turn up at a race meeting to find that your kart does not conform to class technical specifications and the scrutineers decide that you will not be allowed onto the track until the non-conformance is fixed!  What is more galling is that you can pretty much guarantee that you will need your  workshop facilities to do the job.It pays to be real familiar with your class regulations as laid out in the CAMS manual, particularly if you have constructed your own kart from scratch, and to carry out thorough inspection and preparation before presenting your kart to the scrutineers!

Most clubs would be willing to organize a pre-event inspection of your new kart if you are not sure about any technical or safety issue related to your kart. In some states it is a requirement to have your kart inspected before any log book is issued.

While you are a "P" plater, you will be started at the back of the field on the starting grid. Officials of the event will be observing your behaviour on the circuit so it pays to be a little cautious in your first couple of events.

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