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On this page you can find pictures of different superkarts, people and other things. 


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I am always on the lookout for new and interesting pix for this page, so if you have any good pictures or small video files you think may be interesting to superkarters, please e-mail them to me by clicking here

Good crash and automotive mayhem pictures and videos are definitely encouraged!!
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Make sure that you include your name and who actually took the pictures so they can be acknowledged/credited.

Silky Performance reserves the right to include or delete images whenever I feel like it!

Lowflying.jpg (388432 bytes)

Sensational pic taken just after turn 3 at Eastern Creek where the track goes over the access tunnel and has sunk a bit.  Wayne Crossland is the driver, speed is about 175-180kph (110-112mph)

The file is a big one but it is worth the wait

Photographer Unknown

Click Here

Some nice shots here from the recently held Eastern Creek Superkart Spectacular

Pix Evan Lyons, Alan Kennedy, Instant Photos Aust. and others unknown.

Moteur_FPE_2002.JPG (240216 bytes)

F.P. Engineering (France) are responsible for this most beautiful piece of engineering

Click Here for a look at the finished product fitted to the Payart's Kart

Pix by Damien Payart

StockmanMcIlveen.jpg (20169 bytes)

Brian Stockman #43 and Warren McIlveen duking it out at the Eastern Creek Superkart Spectacular on Feb 9th & 10th. Warrens RS250 Honda #1 lunched itself early on on Saturday denying us the spectacle of these Stockman MR2's at full cry together in anger!

Pix by Instant Photos Australia

Jmurfitkart.jpg (309283 bytes)

John Murfitt from Tasmania owns this very tasty looking RM125/Dap.
Unfortunately the picture does not do justice to the sensational paintwork!

Pix by John Murfitt

HemingwayMotor2_small.jpg (4777 bytes)

Early pix of the Hemmingway 250cc Superkart engine

Photographer unknown

wes1.jpg (110434 bytes)

Wes Nicholson demonstrating the delicate art of kart control (letting it all hang out!

Wes assures me that he had complete control of the kart at all times!

Photographer unknown

kart18.jpg (65789 bytes)

A couple of European superkarters, Francis and Damien Payart, having a bit of fun.
These guys are the French designers and builders of the new FP F250E superkart engine. Similar configuration to a Rotax 256

Photographer unknown

V_DotHF250T.gif(116567 bytes)

Nice picture of the V-Dot HF250T twin cylinder 250cc superkart engine. These beautifully made engines have only recently gone into production.

You can find out more about these engines by visiting the HF Racing website at

Photographer unknown

Stockmankarts.jpg (41236 bytes)

These are a couple of karts that are making the trip across to the U.S. to compete at the "Unofficial World Championships" of superkarting.

Pix by Brian Stockman

The first pix on the file is a very early (1996) pic of me! (naturally) in the "Silky Hen" at Baskerville (turn 4). The Chassis is a Techno and is powered by a '92 RS125 Honda.

Pix by Robin Morey Photography

Mikes Kart.jpg (31558 bytes)

This pic is of Mike Ray in a 250cc Yamaha powered, "laydown". Mike lives in Ohio, USA. The 250cc class over there is a bit different to what we are used to seeing in Oz, engines just have to be 250cc and they mostly run 'em on methanol and other jungle juices! This class is really an experimental class as their pro classes are 80cc & 125cc. Mike is now playing with big horsepower (800bhp) Sprint-Cars on the speedway.    

Pix courtesy of Mike Ray.

blown tyre.jpg (34649 bytes)

This is what you don't want to see at the end of a 250 Inter. race! 

John Pellicano's L/H rear after popping it on the second to last lap at the 2000 1 hour enduro at Winton in Victoria. 

John went on to finish the race with this mess! (sheesh)          

Pix supplied by John Pellicano

lakeside pelly.JPG (135096 bytes)

Nice pic of the Giova Racing team karts of John Pellicano and Steve Crossland in formation at Lakeside in Queensland. 

Note the open visor! (hehehe)

Pix supplied by John Pellicano

Pellyoran.jpg (92720 bytes)

2 nice shots of John Pellicano at Oran Park in NSW.

One pix shows him doing it right and the other showing him doing it not so right! (woo hoo)

Pix supplied by John Pellicano

TWR 99 Crashes.jpg (64430 bytes)

Sam Savaglia and Craig Lowndes each demonstrate to captive audiences their panel beating skills and ability to do front end wheel alignments rather quickly!!

Pix supplied by John Pellicano

Sam in his new cart 1JAN00.JPG (40014 bytes)

And then Sam going on to bigger and better things! (eventually) 

Pix supplied by John Pellicano

Trick RG_500.jpg (203123 bytes)

Not a kart pix but you should appreciate the work that has gone into the preparation of this very tasty Suzuki RG500

Photographer unknown


Come back again soon

More pix to come


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