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Get all set to delve into the world of thrilling races as people with karts compete in the
motorsport road racing to make way for their victory.

Racing Formats & Categories

Here is a list of formats and categories covered by this type of racing.


The sprint format of racing would require you to ace the race on the track with a length ranging from ¼ to 1 mile. Clear the qualifying round and race it out for around 15 minutes to see who ultimately wins.


Well, with this racing format, you will have to race it a little longer as this would last for around 30 minutes to 24 hours for one driver or more. And not just the speed but the consistency of the racer, reliability of the kart and the strategy used would help determine the winner.


The tracks for this racing format are also known as the oval tracks with their length ranging somewhere between 150 yards and ¼ mile. The laps here would vary from 4 to 20 depending on the organizer, clearing which will ultimately declare the winner.


There are many international championships sanctioned by CIF-FIA that takes place like the under-15 championship that was held in May 2019. Also, there are some non-CIF-FIA category championships as well like that of The Kart World Championship (KWC) that is hosted in different countries each year.


Amongst the most famous karting series is the National karting series as well. It is also known by another name called ‘Super One’ and has three types of it that include the MSA Series, Rotax Series, and TKM Series.


To enter into any such karting competition, you need to procure a license like any other segment of motorsports would require. The clubs or associations which you be a part of will provide you with these licenses that are originally issued by government bodies.

Driver Equipment’s

Full-Face Helmet
Racing Balaclava
Driving Suit
More Details

Vegas Superkarts Group Events

Here is a list of some exciting super kart group events that you might be interested in.

One Race

Be there for the one race events to get a glimpse of how thrilling super kart racing could be.

Mini Grand Prix

A Mini Grand Prix event would help you get a clear idea of how the exciting world of motorcar racing functions. This racing event would generally 10 to 15 racers competing to be the winner.

Grand Prix

Be part of the Grand Prix event to witness the ultimate aura of motorsport road racing. With a lot of races taking place during the event, you will surely fall in love with the vibe of it.

Professional Kart Races

We have for you all that you need to know about the professional kart races
and exciting events happening in the United States.

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