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The Rules Of Superkart Racing

The Rules Of Superkart Racing

There’s something magical about being in a small kart that can reach speeds of over 100 mph. For many years, these “Superkarts” have been the fastest and most technologically advanced racing vehicles on any given race track. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see these beasts in person, take a moment and watch them in action on YouTube. You’ll see why I’m so excited about the sport, and why I want to share it with you.

Two Types Of Super Karts

The first type of Superkart is defined as an ‘Open Wheel’ kart; this means that there are no limitations to the size or power of the engine (typically between 250cc and 500cc). It’s quite common to see Open Wheel Superkarts that can reach speeds of over 120 mph.

The second type of kart is defined as a ‘Formula’ kart; this means that there are strict limitations on the size and power of the engine (no more than 1-liter displacement, or 1000cc). It’s worth noting that Formula Superkarts are the only vehicles allowed to use a 4-stroke engine.

These two Superkart categories have been around for over 20 years, and they’ve been raced competitively throughout Europe with most of their events taking place in France. In fact, it is said that most European countries have at least one track dedicated to the sport.

Super Karts And Competitions

Superkarts competed from England to Australia, with most races taking place on high-profile circuits set up specifically for this type of racing. Drivers from all over the world travel to these tracks just to get a chance at racing in an event, regardless of whether or not they have local support.

In addition to being fast and technologically advanced, super karts also require exceptional driving skills. They have a lot of horsepower and it’s easy to find the limit if you don’t know what you’re doing. In other words, Superkarts are best for professional drivers.

The most appealing aspect of super kart racing is how close the races are; just about every racer in an event finishes within one or two seconds of each other. You will also notice that winning drivers tend to share similar traits with veteran go-kart racers (i.e.: discipline, dedication, perseverance).

Getting Your Own Superkart

Despite their high level of performance, most people would be surprised by how affordable these Superkarts really are. The chassis, suspension, and brake components are typically made of aluminum or steel tubing. This makes it possible to build a complete Superkart for less than $5,000 US… That’s the price you’ll pay to get into one of these babies.

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